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From the funicular railway in the upper city, climb up the hill of Sant’Eufemia to reach the Rocca complex, one of the places of the heart of the people of Bergamo.
The short walk is well rewarded by the exceptional 360° panoramic view that you can enjoy from the tower: before your eyes, in addition to the wonders of the Upper City, the Orobian Pre-Alps and the entire Bergamo plain, as far as Milan.

The Rocca, a fortification of fourteenth-century origin, still bears evident traces of its military function over the centuries: walk along the patrol walkway, discover the door of rescue and enter the house of the bombers, now home to the Museum of the Nineteenth Century.
The itinerary recounts the transformations of the city between the Ancien Regime and the Unification of Italy. A Bergamo in the full climate of the Risorgimento in which the stories of the 180 Bergamasks of the Thousand who joined Garibaldi in the heroic enterprise live on.