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QC San Pellegrino Spa

The ancient thermal cures give way, today, to a new form of wellness, embraced by wonders of the past, where frescoes, colonnades and ceilings of the early twentieth century unexpectedly blend with architecture and installations of modern design.
Just twenty-five kilometers from Bergamo, at the center of the mountainous scenery of the Val Brembana, San Pellegrino had become a fashionable and very popular resort at the height of the unrepeatable season of the Belle Epoque.
Since the beginning of the twentieth century, San Pellegrino Terme had been equipped with facilities and services that amazed visitors and contributed to spreading its fame.

The Casino complex dates back to 1904, with a spectacular entrance, a monumental staircase and beautiful rooms, including the Salone delle Feste (Party Hall); next to it, the thermal baths immersed in the green, with rooms and porticoes where the display of marble, mosaics, splendid glass windows were accompanied by health equipment and avant-garde services; lower down, lined up along the Brembo river, on which it faces with a front of 128 meters, the colossal Grand Hotel, built in 1905. The liberty style was associated with the taste and the pleasure of living of a cosmopolitan society.