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Fashions, customs and habits change, but the cult of polenta in many areas of the province of Bergamo is still alive, so much so that it has become the Sunday dish par excellence.

Without a doubt polenta, classic or taragna (with cheese from the valleys), accompanied by game or stews, represents the most traditional and typical dish of Bergamo cuisine. A dish that in the not too distant past, was the staple, if not the only one, of the people, who ate it at every meal and in every season. Seasoned, hot, cold, toasted over the embers of the fireplace, in soup, cooked with milk, with radicchio and hard-boiled eggs, or even rubbed on something with a strong taste such as herring or anchovies. An enormous merit to the relaunching of Polenta must be attributed to the restaurateurs and chefs of Bergamo who have reproposed it in their menus both with traditional recipes and with their personal elaborations. And so what was once the main food of the peasants, since there was little or nothing else to eat, has become a delicacy and is now rightfully one of the delicacies that the Land of Bergamo can guarantee.